How to Elevate Your Business with Patient Loyalty and Reviews

How to Elevate Your Business with Patient Loyalty and Reviews
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There are two types of people: the ones who leave reviews and the ones who don’t. Most of the time, patients will leave reviews because they’re thrilled or completely dissatisfied. But what about all of the ones in between?


If you offer just an “average” experience, patients will not be as compelled to leave a review. Or maybe they don’t want to put extra effort into tracking you down on Google or social media to leave one. Once a patient has left your office, they will most likely not think about you again until their next appointment or dental emergency. Do you want to wait that long to get a review?


Turn Patient Satisfaction into Loyalty and Reviews With Automation

Do you have an automated process that sends your patients customer satisfaction surveys or allows them to leave you a one-click review? If not, you are missing a vital opportunity.


From a marketing perspective, having positive reviews and satisfaction surveys should be one of your top marketing goals. They will help attract new patients and aid with patient retention. Good reviews are your bread and butter. With the internet at your prospective patients’ fingertips 24/7/365, they will, more often than not, start their search for a new dentist with peer reviews. 


Just to give you an idea of how many people look at the reviews before choosing a provider, 71 percent of patients say they use online reviews when looking for a new dental/healthcare professional, according to Software Advice. Almost three-fourths of the patient population relies on the opinion of your existing patients.


Don’t you want to stand out? Your office won’t receive recognition from mediocre visits. They need to be excellent and memorable. Don’t let that overwhelm or intimidate you. As a dental professional, there is something actionable you can implement in your office to reach this goal. Modento.

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Streamline Your Workflow and Patient Experience With Modento

Modento is a loyalty-based app designed for dentistry. It rewards patients with incentives when they complete tasks that make your life easier. Maybe they completed their paperwork electronically through the app — they get rewarded. Or they arrived on time and paid their outstanding balance before their appointment — more rewards.


These are only a few examples of how this program could improve your office’s workflow and patient experience. 


Having everything set up electronically allows your staff to be more patient-oriented versus paperwork-oriented. With smoother appointments and shorter wait times, everyone will be happier!


Turn your patients’ satisfaction into five-star reviews and elevate your business with a few clicks.


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Modento Posted on 11 November 2019

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